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The Empty Walls Series, which includes  The Empty Walls, Behind the Empty Walls, No More Empty Walls, Before the Walls Were Empty, if the Walls Could Talk, and A Crack in the Walls is a romance/drama based around the journey of Chauncey (a wealthy young businessman) and Lexi (a troubled but talented, driven, feisty  young woman). 

Chauncey enters her life after she suffered years of  abuse. He wants to love, protect, and guide her  into her destiny. To become who she was born to be; a confident, independent, determined young woman. But lies, deception, hatred, jealousy, and envy constantly weave in and out their lives. Family drama also becomes an obstacle for the couple. But with unwavering love, and supportive friends, they manage to find moments of  intimacy, moments of passion, moments of MIND-BLOWING EROTIC CONSUMPTION

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