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What a journey it’s been for Lexi. Being molested as a child. A servant. A concubine. To becoming a strong, determined, confident, beautiful young woman. All because fate interceded and brought the love and respect from Chauncey into her life. She’s now capable of helping him through his own personal demons when his past catches up to him.

Before the Walls Were Empty takes you back to Chauncey’s teen years. When he begins to realize his destiny, and being a brother doesn’t mean you have to be blood. You’ll also understand his thirst and hunger for the sexual pleasures of life.

The tenacious bond of brothers and sisters is unyielding. Their love and loyalty for each other is never compromised, even when deception is at the forefront.

As Chauncey would say. ‘Enjoy the ride’ as you experience his life before Lexi enters and changes his thoughts, his emotions, and his world.

Before the Walls Were Empty

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