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It’s been one year since Chauncey and Lexi collided. The unwavering love and respect the two feel for each other grows stronger each day. Lexi learns to become a chameleon of personalities. She knows that her insecurity struggles need to be hidden, in order for her to be what Chauncey needs; A strong, independent, Boss lady. Chauncey continues expanding his empire, KM Enterprises, and being the strength, support, and the protector for Lexi; never missing a beat.

Even though there bond is strong, there are those that still wreak havoc on their lives. They try to dismantle their relationship with lies and deceit. But the truth always comes out in the end and their love never falters.  

Yes... They get angry. They fuss. They fight. But they always make with INTENSE DELIGHT.

Behind the Empty Walls

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